Eclectic Yoga Therapy

Eclectic Yoga Therapy

Through pure and gentle movement, we work with the body to gain a better range of motion, strength, and connection. It's a gentle way to help our bodies heal and gain strength through individualized care, suitable to our individual needs. Using yoga therapy we can find improved health and a deeper balance in life filled with the activities we love!!

Why Yoga Therapy?

Through yoga therapy we can access and address all the layers of the body (Koshas). 
Yoga therapy is a holistic way of working with the body, mind and soul to optimize wellbeing. 
While a  yoga  class may ease everyday aches and pains while calming the mind; one-on-one yoga therapy appointments are tailered to the individual and expediate healing, reaching all corners of our lives and well-being.

Nyssa Castle is a Yoga Therapist and birth support worker. She offers 1:1 individual yoga therapy appointments and educational workshops in Sandy, Oregon.   

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We specialize in the following areas

Trauma Recovery

Regardless of the cause, post tramatic stress disorder (PTSD) does not have to be a life-long sentence. Through Yoga Therapy we can overcome the long-term effects of trauma.

Injury Recovery

Tissue can change and healing is possible, even in prolonged situations.
Yoga Therapy can also be used to unwind chronic pain.

Mental and Emotional Health

Yoga therapy unites our various layers, allowing the body, mind, and soul to find deeper healing. By addressing the root cause(s) we are able to find inner-peace once again.


Perinatal Care

Prenatal yoga therapy helps prepare the body, mind, and soul for childbirth.
Postpartum yoga therapy can bring the body, mind, and soul back into optimal alignment and well-being.  

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